2 meter quarter wave antenna

This is the first transceiving antenna I've ever built. It is perhaps the simplest 2 meter quarter wave design.
Element sizes are based on the formula:

length of elements in feet = 234 ÷ freq

Using 146 MHz as midway in the 2 meter band:

234 ÷ 146 = 1.6 ft

1.6 ft x 12 in/ft = 19.23" for main vertical element & for each ground radial

1/16" welding rod for elements

horizontal elements: rod ends curled with needlenose to allow fastening beneath machine screws:

vertical element soldered to SO-239:

4 horizontal radials fastened with machine screws & lock washers:

completed quarter wave 2 meter antenna located barely above patio, next to I-Max 2000 10 meter flag pole:

short PVC mast, painted, capped, siliconed:

RG-213 coax connects the tranceiver to the SO-239 on the antenna.
The SWR is 1.35:1 across 2 meters.

Although this design was not supposed to cover 70 cm, the resonance in that band is even better: 1.1:1

The BaoFeng UV5RA I use gets good signal & audio reports. This antenna allows me to reach several repeaters that I could not while using a 7" or 15" rubber duck indoors.

There is 8' additional PVC mast below the patio roof line, recessed in the corner post. In emergencies the antenna could easily be raised for better performance.

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