Ascot Park

Gardena, California
Jerry Miles video montage: Ascot Park Remembered
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Bob Morris #239, Rita & Paul Boyles #939, 1960's

Wightman Brothers 1974 cars:
courtesy John Ernster
Zero to 157 mph

Annoying Autobiographical Haiku with
Pretentiously Prolonged Title
Loquaciously Dwarfing the Content of   Trite Payload   ©2009

Harold Osmer's So Cal Racing Venues:  great scrapbooks Automobile Milestones

Other tracks:

Marchbanks Speedway,
Hanford, CA
Ascot owner J.C. Agajanian
promoted many events here

Ontario Motor Speedway Saugus Speedway


The V-8
dune buggy
Gorman Offroad Park

driving with Derrick, 1967

Daddy, why did your '68 VW Bug need a tachometer, ammeter,
oil temperature and oil pressure gauges?
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