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Mercator's World Magazine

September/October 1999

The Map Collection:
a Reason to Believe

The Communicator Magazine

September, 2004

Glen Creason

Map Librarian
History & Genealogy Department

Los Angeles Public Library Map Collection

(click thumbnails below for full map images, then click image to expand further)

Africa: A Friendship Map, by Louise Jefferson, 1945

Jacinto "Jo" Mora's affectionate tribute to Los Angeles, 1942

Tom Lamb's 1992 rendering of the City of Angels

Alice York's "Medieval Map of East and West,"

drawn by Edy-LeGrand (1940)

Hand-colored Mapo Illustrado de la Republica Mexicana (1931),
by Miguel Gomez Medina


Frank Dorn's "Map and History of Peiping,"

published 1936, a year before the Second Sino-Japanese War

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