Chandler has participated in the theatrical workshops produced by Premiere for Kids since 1997.

Randall "Randy" S. Hickman, workshop director, and Doug Davis, co-producer, stage dozens of shows each year in Vista, San Marcos, and Fallbrook.

Tanya Manifold works in lighting design, and as their dedicated stage manager.

Doug and Randy are two of the most remarkable people we have ever met. Their talents include:

We thank Randy and Doug for giving so generously of their time and expertise, enriching all the young actors who have flourished under their wings!

A Bad Day in Shootersville

May 25, 1997 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos

Shootersville cast

Chandler as Molly

Paul the Barkeep, Jason the Master of Ceremonies, Lindsay as Grammy, Matt as Sheriff, Angelo as Preacher

Hunchback of Notre Dame

August, 1997 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos

Hunchback cast

Dreaming of the Festival


The Little Mermaid #1

February 22, 1998 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos

Little Mermaid cast



June, 1998 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos

Cinderella cast #1


Stepsisters & Stepmother

Saturday Night Ball

In My Own Little Corner

Dreaming with Sarah & Tamora

Cinderella's Dress

Oh, thank you, Fairy Godmother

Come to the Ball !

One Big Happy Family

Kylene the Shrew & slipper

If the shoe fits

Cinderella cast #2


Babes in Toyland #1

December, 1998 at the Avo Playhouse, Vista

Toy Soldiers

Avo Marquee

The Cast #1

The Cast #2



March 21, 1999 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos

Hera, Hades & Zeus

Isn't our baby boy cute!

Chandler as Hera off stage


Snow White

July, 1999 at the Fallbrook Mission Theatre

Snow White cast

Snow White & her court

Prince & Ladies in Waiting

Chandler as Lady in Waiting


Peter Pan

July 25, 1999 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos

Tiger Lily & Captain Hook

Peter Pan cast #2

Tiger Lily & the Indian Girls

Thank You, Peter Pan

Peter Pan cast #1

Chandler casting photo



September 12, 1999 at the Avo Playhouse, Vista

Aladdin cast #1

Fanning Prince Booboo

Fanning Prince Ali

Aladdin cast #2

Mary Poppins

July 2, 2000 at the Avo Playhouse, Vista

Mary Poppins 1

Mary Poppins 3

Mary Poppins 2

Mary Poppins 4

Mary Poppins 5

The Little Mermaid #2

August 20, 2000 at Theatre West Stage, San Marcos Community Center

Little Mermaid casts

Chandler as the Cook, with Sebastian

Little Mermaid 1

Little Mermaid 2

Little Mermaid 3

Little Mermaid 4

Babes in Toyland #2

November 30-December 3, 2000 at Theatre West Stage, Hearth Theatre, San Marcos

Chandler as Dum

the Cast

Little Bo weeps

mean old Barnaby

Dum & Dee

Dum bride

Santa sings!


Chandler Garbell

Chandler & Randy

April, 2003

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