Edward Carroll
1951 - 2007

from Maxine McNamara
April 20, 2007

The Babysitter

Hi Everyone,

One of my favorite memories of Ed was in his role as Uncle Eddie. Ed lived with us when my daughter, Christine, was first born. One day I needed to go to the market and didn't want to wake up my sleeping baby to take her. I prevailed upon Ed to babysit. (Which was very brave of me, I did't know if he'd ever even held a baby!)

I was gone about half an hour and she must have woken up and fussed. When I got home, there was my baby lying in the middle of Phil McClurg's water bed kicking quite contentedly. Ed was serenading her with his guitar looking very pleased with himself.

When my son, Niall, heard that Ed had died, he remembered that Uncle Eddie had taught him to gamble. Ed let him pick the bet for a horse race and explained odds to him. Niall was the only one who won that day and Ed was very proud of him.

And of course, there was the infamous poker game with Ed and Amy when the kids got to yell obscenities (with the warning that such language must never be repeated in front of their grandmother!) Derrick has a picture of this event on his website.