Edward Carroll
1951 - 2007

Tribute from Jeanne Knowlton Fox
April 16, 2007

A Tribute to a brother and friend

Thank you Ed,
For so many magical moments we had with you.
For being part of our family,
For sharing your wonderful parents with us.
For allowing us to chase your dog, Neyata, all over South Gate.

Thank you Ed,
For coming to all our birthday celebrations,
For taking all of the boy's ribbing (especially Johnny's),
For joining us on our many family reunions,
For teasing the girls,
And for being one of us!

Thank you Ed,
For learning to play pinochle,
For going on vacations with us,
For taking Kevin on your family vacations!
For sharing your difficult times with us and allowing us to share ours with you.

Thank you Ed,
For your caring ways,
Compassionate heart,
and all the fun times.

It is sad to know we won't be able to say anymore,
"Here comes Ed!" or "Ed is joining us for a family reunion!"
We were a gang and now we're one less!
Thank you Ed for being part of our family and all the special memories!
Most of all thanks for being you!
You will not be forgotten.
Thank You Ed!