13 Reasons Home Oil Changes Are Superior IMO © Derrick Garbell 2012
1 cost ┼ $19; savings of ┼$24 allows twice as many changes for less cost than single commercial dealer or quicklube outlet
2 cold drain = assures maximum purge of dirty oil due to overnight drip to pan
3 correct, major, consistent brand oil is best for engine
4 proper oil weight assured
5 correct choice of proper oil weight
6 precise oil fill quantity
7 OEM oil filter = highest quality & assurance of not re-releasing collected pollutants
8 drain plug gasket replaced
9 drain plug: never overtighten, undertighten or cross thread
10 oil filter: never overtighten or leave prior o-ring
11 change occurs exactly when we're ready, not even a minute's wait
12 dumping waste oil at AutoZone, O'Reilly etc. easily combined w/other errand =minor chore
13 1-time cost of oil change tools ┼$20 = drain pan, dump container, filter wrench
dealer or quicklube outlets: greatly inferior by comparison, far more costly
1 cost=$43 butşapples-to-apples because commercial oil changes do not assure oil: brand/weight/level & OEM filter & drain gasket etc.
2 change while motor hot leaves several ounces of maximum-dirty & non-lubricating oil still clinging to engine surfaces
3 "our brand is a premium claims" but very rarely any choice to assure 100% brand continuity; even worse:recycled oil blends now being used
4 commercial may offer choice of weights, but may not include the one best for your engine; e.g. 10W-30=now rare but needed for our Toyotas
5 even if shop has correct & ideal weight, lube jockeys rush & may choose wrong weight (earn bonuses for volume of changes)
6 lube jockeys rush & overfill or underfill --> 3,000 miles of insufficient or improper lubrication!
7 Fram & Purolator grade filters are low performance & filter less pollutants, eventually release dirt back into motor
8 no quicklube replacement of drain plug gasket, yet gasket good for max 2 cycles, then start dripping > mechanic then over-tightens plug
9 drain plug: rare but possible overtighten, undertighten or cross thread; even a single instance can be disastrous
10 oil filter: often overtightened; greater chance of rushing & leave prior o-ring; doubled o-ring gaskets leak catastrophically
11 almost always some wait; at Walmart (=best price & choice of oils) usually = 90 min > 2 hrs
12 not a factor, but this minor benefit more than erased in #11) time spent
13 no tools cost