The Invisible Man, The Barefoot Boy with Cheek


O Lightweight, O Lightweight,

This poem shall sing your praises.

O Lightweight, O Lightweight,

Your CB tongue amazes.


Who else has a pair of radios,

Sparkling in the night?

Who else a pair of shining mikes,

On the left and on the right?


Who else sports a pair of antennae,

Beaming here and there?

Who else could be the Cracked Egg,

That Cool Breeze without a care?


Who else has access to a pair

Of large American breasts,

And enjoys them all the time?

Who else would humbly stand 10-8,

Listening to this idiot's rhyme?


The Lightweight, The Lightweight,

Mr. 8-0-5,

Mr. Mark, the airwaves' spark,

And baby, that's no jive.


Who else dares pin my needle,

Who dares to break my squelches?

Who else risks answering Ski Bum

With sneers and brazen belches?


Who else can lure the Night Owl from his bower?

(That elusive bird in neighboring tower.)

Who else the Night Owl could embellish?

Who else fills his coax with relish?


The Lightweight, The Lightweight,

The Ninety-Eight Point. Six,

The Lightweight, The Lightweight.,

He has an eleven meter stick.

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