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     Reseda High School      
Classmate Pictures & e-mail Links
primarily Classes of Winter & Summer 1969: Delphisians & Vesuvians
Classmate Pictures
& e-mail
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Sequoia Junior High School & Tarzana Elementary
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Talisman Senior
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Other Photos:
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Albert Amescua & Janis Bird Grad W69 Albert Obituary surrounded by family at 40 year reunion  
Paul Applefield Grad W69        
Michael Alvarado Grad S69 climbing wining explaining sanity  
Cris Armstrong Grad S69        
Pat Bagne W69 aka Patricia Black wed Allen Black, RHS 1967    
Gary Bann Grad S69 in Sequoia Sentinels '66
bottom 4th from right
Melanie Barkus Grad S69 1968 in group with Elda with Elda beach '73 w/Elda   20 Yr Reunion 1989
Linda Baron Grad S69        
Anita Beal Grad S71        
Pam Bengson Grad S69
Angel fan        Pam 2009

Moss Benmosche

Grad S69        
Cheryl Bianchi S70 with Irene Nager Cheryl '02    sons '04

family Thanksgiving '05

velcro boys 2008

sons, Xmas 2008

Debbie Bloom S69 w/Pat Capella 1999 Reunion      
Angie Boggio Grad S69 1969 recent    
Dorann Boulian Grad S69        
Bill Bowles Grad S69 classic Bowles

"Yeah, just rappin with the Prez" 1986
20 Yr Reunion '89

Family '99

Aspectmedia Website

Family '06

Puerto Rico '00

Morphing home in broad daylight

Vivien Brender Grad W69 with husband with daughter with 5 grandchildren Zuma Beach -
Reseda High's tanning salon
Barbara Buckley S69        
Greg Burke Grad S69 wife Jane Stansbury 1968 football team (large)    
Cliff Busby Grad S69 George Ortega, Richard Ortega, Jeff Lough, Cliff Busby, Mike Butler 1999

Daughters: Breanne & Haley pool
Haley, Breanne & Sue brunch

Sue Breanne Haley Kona

Haley & Breanne snorkel

Grand Canyon 2006   2006 #2
Chris Busch S69 Chris 1970 Busch Family 2008    
Mike Butler Grad S69 1969 State Track Prelims: Mike leading 1 mile

Mike in pack with Brian Martinez, Terry Lamb & Dan Shechter Jeff Lough, Mike Butler, Cliff Busby Jorge Ortega & Colin Singer 1979 George Ortega, Richard Ortega, Jeff Lough, Cliff Busby, Mike Butler 1999
Pat Capella Grad S69 w/Debbie Bloom 1999 Reunion w/Marie Distel, Judy Lerner, Davida Lampkin      
Lorna Christensen Grad W69 Lorna web      
Mary Coleman Grad S69        
Ann Cook Grad S69        
Bill Converse Grad S69


VW van '68

w/Derrick & Tom ' 80

Saugus Speedway

Family '96

daughter Remy

family Tetons      '34 Chevy   
 airplane    the man

Carolynn Cornick Grad S69 Xmas '08
Grandson Jace
Bill Covino Grad S69 Derrick, Bill, Patty Mellard 1966 wife Deborah Cal State LA President!  
Rob Curry Grad S69 hot hands varsity basketball '68 hot hand @homecoming '68 Patty & Rob '73 w/Derrick & Bill Bowles
20 Yr Reunion
Tim Davis Grad S69 Tim & Marcia hopalong Timothy    
Brian Decker Grad S69        
Charlie del Castillo Grad S69 Craig Wells
& Charlie 1970
Charlie, Pete Wolf, Glenn Maurer, George del Castillo, TJ Charlie & SJHS harem < "10 bitchin babes
< & 1 chaperone"
Mike Delbar Grad S69 w/Gary Werth at 1999 Reunion      
Marie Distel Grad S69 w/Pat Capella, Judy Lerner, Davida Lampkin      
Mike Dolan GradS69, 1968 group Mike & wife 2016 Mike's 1965 Cobra    
Lorna Dunn Grad S69 husband Rick in the '60's
on Rick's 60th
Lorna's 4 grandchildren Rick O'Cana 1949 - 2013
pictorial retrospective
Kevin Dunne Grad S69 w/wife Catheryn 1999 Reunion      
Ned Erickson Grad S69 campaign w/Jody Miles w/Derrick
Angeles Crest '70
September 2005
Ray Evans Grad S69        
Martha Ferren Grad S69 website      
Patt Foley Grad S69 w/Davida Lampkin, Mike Seastrom '99 reunion sailing the Greek islands with good friends Santorini Caldera Patt 2009
Gail Foster Grad S69 w/Gail Rice '99 reunion Gail Foster, Bill Bowles, Davida Lampkin, young & now   Enhanced Images web site
Christopher Frey Grad S69 Knights w/Mary Coleman, Elda G. 1999 Reunion    
Paul Friedrich S69 glimpsed at beginning of Miles TP movie 1968 football team (large)    
Jerry Frigaard S69 1969 wife Mickey, 29th wedding anniversary    
Derrick Garbell Grad S69

1968         Knights

'68 group of senior pix

Picking up VW Bug
April 1968
20 sec video

Steph & Derrick 1976 family Derrick,
Nelida & Tony, Steph, Chandi
Garbell home page

The Coast
Steph, Derrick, Chandi '04
Bob Gay Grad S69 wife Lynette Bob & son (3rd from right & far right)    
Tom Glaus W70 Most Valuable Son:
Troy Glaus
Troy's mom, Karen Pace, 1969 situps & softball 1968 football team (large)
David Gough Grad S69        
Mary Lou Granite W70 Socially Yours Mary Lou 2009 Mary Lou's son Aaron Meyer 2009  
Robin Grattidge Grad S69 Rob '68          Penal Poetry Harley      

Robin St. Graves
w/daughter Jessica w/John Wolff at battle's end upper & lower right
Gary Gray Grad S69 w/Cliff Busby 1999 Reunion      
Sue Grossman Grad S69 kid Sue's website Sue's blog Sue & Olivia
Elda Guaderrama Grad S69 w/Mary Coleman, Chris Frey 1999 Reunion      
Anne Hayes Grad S69        
Joan Holland Grad S69 at the Parthenon      
Jim Howe Grad S69 w/Lance Parton wife Lori in Hawaii with Ron Alvarado & Harleys  
Patricia Hunter Grad W69 granddaughters Alexis & Rachel Halloween '05

friend, mother & grandma:
passed away
26 December 2006

Eric Janson Grad S69 2008 smiling 2008 Xmas    
Karen Johnsen Grad S69 husband Nick 1979 reunion 3 of 4 grandkids! entering retirement, Oct 2010  
Candy Johnson Grad S69 w/Chris Frey, Melanie Barkus 1999 Reunion      
Kathy Kater Grad S69

at Sequoia '65  

Taco Bell Princess         

w/Margie Sink


'99 Reunion

Ireland with leprechaun

husband Cameron, daughter Loryn

Steve Kliest   Class of 1970      
Spencer Knight Grad S69


wife Linda               Linda 2
Mr. Stoddard: "What is the force necessary to accelerate 1 kilogram to 1 meter per second?"
Spencer:               "Schnickerschnockers."
Christy Koehnen Grad S69 Freudian with Busch purely pants    
Gena Kurzfeld Grad S69


w/Derrick '74

1989 Reunion

 Gena & family 6 Kurzfelds

Gena 2013

Marsha LaFirenza Grad S69        
Davida Lampkin Grad S69 Davida's Aprons website Kosher Kurls w/Patt Foley, Mike Seastrom '99 reunion  
Mitzi Landgraf Birmingham '70 Mitzi's webpage      
Kay Langlotz Grad S69 serious shopper  

pumpkin Kay 
Costa Rica  
Dorothy Layne Grad S69        
Greg Lee W70 chacha      
Jim Lee Grad S69 1967 football       1967 1968 football  1968 football team (large)  Most Handsome
Philip Leppelman
Judith Lerner Grad S69 Human Relations Club, 1968

Judith's web site
w/Bill Bowles '99 reunion son Dakota
daughter Coree 2006
Dakota Judith Sonya Coree
Jeff Lough Grad S69 George Ortega, Richard Ortega, Jeff Lough, Cliff Busby, Mike Butler 1999      
Elizabeth Lucero S67        
Phil Luther Grad S69

1953           1968

Photo Club Awards '69

Senior Honors

w/ Family '00

son Dan Luther

Luther Family '02

Phil & Dad '02   

family Xmas '08

Laurie MacKenzie Grad S69        
Menalee MacMillan Grad S69 dance '68 husband Tom 20 Yr Reunion 1989 w/husband Tom 1999  
Gary Mazzola S69 1968 Gary's website    
Patty Mellard Grad S69 Tarzana Elementary

at Darby 

w/Mitzi Tahoe '67


husband Will , 2003

husband Will @ Patty's 50th BD
Tom Miles Grad S69 1970 w/Patty Mellard '70

1989 20 Yr Reunion
w/Gail Seastrom

w/Gail #2

45 second video of the legendary TP'ing of the Miles residence
Beryl Minkle Grad S69 as Frieda Fogblower , Dec '68 Human Relations Club, 1968    
Ken Montsinger Grad W69 & Ann Perring Montsinger      
Bob Moore S70        
Bruce Munster Grad S69     1968 wedding '75 w/Mike Seastrom, Charlie del Castillo & Gail Rice> wed1   wed2   wed3 Bruce & Kris '09 Bruce & Mike Seastrom '09

1968 football team (large)
George Ortega S69 George Ortega, Richard Ortega, Jeff Lough, Cliff Busby, Mike Butler 1999      
Richard Ortega Grad S69

Recent 2008

Daughter Bridget    

Son Alex Son Gabe Ortega with Richard's Sister Delores  Ortegas in Mexico
Wendy Parker W70 1969 Wendy & crew,
Crosstown Electrical & Data
Lance Parton Grad S69 1968 w/Jim Howe family     
Bob Pemberton Grad S69        
Pam Petersen Grad W69        
Bob Piser Grad S71 death = 2014 Robert Piser wiki google+ twitter  YouTube Facebook
Rick Pitcher Grad S75 LinkedIn      
Mark Rappaport Grad S69


Adam & Marissa 1

Adam & Marissa2

Adam & Marissa dancing


enjoying life

serious working

wife Nan

grandson Mason

Cheryl Reese Grad S69 Web Page      
Gail Rice Grad S69 w/Derrick & Melanie '89 w/Mike '99 Reunion 19 January 1951-
23 May 2011     Obituary
Bob Richardson Grad S69        
Rosanna Romero Grad S69        
Diane Rosen S69 Senior Honors Where are you Layla Windwillows?    
Jim Russell S69, attended 10th grade
& Sequoia
briefly: Sequoia grad day clip Sequoia grad panorama - top row    
Debbie Satterfield Grad S69        
Carolyn Scheib Grad S69 w/Jane Stansbury Ladies    
Ted Schultz Grad S69 Ted Schultz '99 Reunion Ted apologizes for the glare from his dome 1968 football team (large)  
Karen Schwartz Grad W69 recent with dog      
Mike Seastrom Grad S69 w/Gail '89 Reunion w/Gail '99 Reunion 1968 football team (large)  
Janice Shaffer Grad S69

Jan #1

Jan #2 w/husband 2002 Jan's grandkids
Ron Shaffer Grad S69

that dam Ron

Ron, Debbie & grandsons Ron's grandsons  
Bob Sheppard Grad S69
Robert Sheppard >>>
"the U.S. had a little manifest destiny over here, then a little more manifest destiny over there..."
Norm Shifren Grad S69 with Steve Sipman The Surfing Rabbi    
Colin Singer  Grad S69 Knights w/Jeff Lough, Mike Butler, Cliff Busby, George Ortega '89    
Margie Sink Grad S69 w/Menalee MacMillan booth

1968 Margie

Margie & Dave Oldenkamp '68

Margie & Dave's Puerto Rico Beach Shack 

          #2 closer 
 Caribbean view   

the kitchen  (with Richie Cunningham)
Steve Sipman Grad S69 Steve grin Kahoolawe ohana Peru 2011, Surfer's Path Peruvian Princesses & Kurt Cobain
with Norm Shifren kneeboard Maui
Alair Smith Grad S69 family Montana      
Sandi Smith Grad S69 at the river husband Jim  
Vicki Stamp Grad S69        
Jane Stansbury Grad W69 w/Carolyn Scheib classic Janey Ladies cheerleader '68
Randy Steigely Grad W69 1999 Reunion      
Richard Stern Grad S69 Class Valedictorian Senior Scholar early family family 2013
Sherrie Suckow W70 1969 Ladies mysterious & blurry 2008
Leslie Sutherland S70        
Jeannie Terry Grad S69        
Alex Vass S68        
Mike Volante S80 Mike's site      
Julie Vose Grad S69 Derrick Garbell, Gail Seastrom, Bill Bowles, Patt Foley Taylor & Julie '99      
David Wachter Grad S69        
Mary Warden Grad S69 1968  senior photo      Ladies dance

cheerleader '68
prom family
Craig Wells Grad S69 Craig Wells & Charlie '70      
Gary Werth Grad S69 w/Mike Delbar at 1999 Reunion      
Bill White Grad S68        
Rick Wilkins Grad S69 2009 photo      
Glenn Wilson Grad S69 "magneto!"      
Fred Witter S69 Photo Club Awards '69      
John Wolff Grad S69 w/Rob Grattidge at battle's end upper & lower right      
Kathy Woods Grad S69        
Chris Wurtenberger S70   Mary Granite & Chris Ladies  
Linda Yates Grad S69        
Roseanne Yoakum Grad S69        
after Talisman photos load, you may need to mouse click the image to enlarge to full size
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Jeff Lough, Mike Butler, Cliff Busby Jorge Ortega & Colin Singer
L.A. City Cross Country Champions 1968 & 1969
at the 10 year reunion, 1979

George Ortega, Richard Ortega, Jeff Lough, Cliff Busby, Mike Butler
L.A. City Cross Country Champions 1968 & 1969
at the 30 year reunion, 1999

Reseda High
Classes of 1968-69

60th Birthday



June 18, 2011 Party

Passing of
Mr. Gerald Wondra

One of the school's orginal instructors, Mr. Wondra
taught English at Reseda High for over thirty years

Please see the Reseda High blog for
memories of a favorite teacher


Class of '70 Senior Prom:
Kyle Peck, Randy Levine, Gary Franklin, Debbie Kaufman, Bob Moore, Sharon Goodwin, Mike Highsmith, Pam Edwards, Debbie Hickman, Doug Reyes, Jay Tippet

Sequoia Junior High School Stuff   
"Routes of Sequoia"
New Student Orientation Booklet - cover
Principal Woodburn - expectations
nest in the log? campus map Sequoia naming & history
dress codes ~ drills p.1 drills p.2 ~ assemblies & lockers lunch & restrooms
dances & A9 traditions credit to the compilers Health Council including Ron Moshontz far away
Sequoia Class of
Summer, 1966
Log Grad Photos: A-B Log Grad Photos: B-G
Log Grad Photos: G-M Log Grad Photos: M-S Log Grad Photos: S-Z
Class of
Summer, 1966

Senior Panorama Photo
in 4 segments:
1    2    3    4

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Video home movie
of Sequoia's
June, 1966

2 minutes ~ grainy

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thanks to Margie Sink Oldenkamp for a lotta Sequoia student photos
from the Sequoia Bark: situps & softball
Gary Starre, Urban Archeologist & Train Conductor
Nancy Haase 1966 Nancy Haase & Pam Dew 1966 grad day Nancy Haase 1966 grad day
Nancy Haase, Chatsworth High 1967 Nancy Haase & husband 2009 contact Nancy
still shot of the
toilet papering
Lloyd Thaxton
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