17 September 2012

I'm sharing these facts because today I reached a milestone in my running routine.

In October, 1990 I decided to increase my jogging habit from a dozen times a month to a daily run. In the almost twenty-two years since I have failed to run 90 times, so I have put in at least a few miles on over 7,900 days.

From 2 February 2004 to 22 January 2011 I maintained a streak without skipping a single day, just short of seven full years.
In the last ten years, I've missed running only twice.

Today I reached a grand total of  30,004 miles over the 264 month period I have adhered to this regimen.
Therefore I have averaged 113 miles monthly, and 3.7 miles daily, 365 days a year.

I have gradually increased my annual miles from 900 to over 1,800, with an annual average of 1,365 miles.

On weekdays I run in the dark before work, fastening blinking safety lights to my waist & collar and wearing reflective clothing.
It is a profoundly peaceful, quiet time to jog. Moon and starlight, meteor showers, and a few newspaper delivery vehicles.

On weekends I enjoy running in sunshine.

I wear New Balance brand running shoes, models 496, 497 & 498, and have managed as many as 2,900 miles on a pair of these shoes. But their average lifespan is usually shorter due to mishaps such as getting them overly soaked during a rainstorm, or falling into a creek.

*fascinating pdf record of my runs through today:  1 October, 1990 - 17 September 2012 = 30,004 miles

falling after tripping on the bumpy sidewalk     29Jl11       better than it looks

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