St. Bridget of Sweden Class of 1970

Class of 1970 8th Grade Photo
Student Names
Top Row Kathy Kerze Tom Witherill Kathy Zabiegalski Steve Malcolm Patty Macrorie Felix Tapia Joan Albus Tim Curry Carrie Miller


Tom Stanley Marie Lepre Larry Ledesma Marialeesa Celli Jeff Dashnaw Donna Lynch Mark Harris Sue Tallman Richard Heft
Row3 Mary Territo Rick Scheid Mary Lynn Stege James Barto Janet Hanley Tom Mouzis Laura Nalepa Gil Ramos Mimi Flaherty
Row4 Kathy Kurowski Gary Murphy Janice Murphy Bob Barsanti   Lynn Rochon Gil Farin Joan Schipper Tim Fitzgerald
Bottom Row Sister Mary Angeles Jody Seddon Lydia DeNecochea       Robin Kaspar Laureen Barraza Sister Margaret Mary

Photos from other grades are in the works.

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Joan L. Albus Laureen C. Barraza Robert G. Barsanti
James R. Barto Marialeesa Celli James R. Curry
Jeffrey J. Dashnaw Lydia DeNecochea Gilbert L. Farin
Timothy E. Fitzgerald deceased Maureen Flaherty Janet M. Hanley
Mark T. Harris Richard J. Heft Robin D. Kaspar
Katherine F. Kerze Catherine M. Kurowski Lawrence J. Ledesma
Marie L. Lepre Donna M. Lynch Patricia J. Macrorie
Steven W. Malcolm Caroline E. Miller Steven Miller
Thomas D. Mouzis Gary E. Murphy Janice M. Murphy
Laura L. Nalepa Gilbert Ramos Lynn M. Rochon
Richard E. Scheid Joan A. Schipper Jody A. Seddon
Thomas G. Stanley Mary Lynn Stege Susan E. Tallman
Felix A. Tapia Mary Francesca Territo Thomas M. Witherill
Kathyrn L. Zabiegalski    
Donna Lynch & daughters    4 St Bridget Lynches, 2007: Diane, Mary, Gary & Donna Lynch
Father Michael Collins, beloved biker priest              Fr. Michael Collins #1
Sister Margaret Mary, Principal
Tim Fitzgerald obituary, passed 30 April, 2008

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Mary Territo for the grad year photo!
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