St. Bridget of Sweden Class of 1971
No Class Photos at this Time

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if you have photos or info, or if you spot typos
Chester Arnspiger Lora Hooper Hugh McNeela Lawrence Spehar
Ray Barraza Patrick Kerze Jozef Meola Walter Steele
Charles Brash Tony Kippes Michelle Moutes Lynne Steiger
John Callahan Jeanne Kudjia Louis Osorio Adela Tapia
Abbey Carter James Jimmy Kurowski Frank Perea Christie Wayne
Audrey Clark Venetia Tina Marocco Laurel Phipps Michael Whitcomb
Catherine Delany Rochelle Martin Jayne Quinn Patricia White
Frank Fay Estelle Martinez Robert Reynolds Thomas White
Valerie Flaherty Timothy May James Rogers Angela Whittemore
Thomas Gough Susan McCann Kathy Roshay  
Danny Hallbauer
deceased '88
Jeannie McKeon Mary Schwagerl Kathy Oldrate (attended 1st grade)
Father Michael Collins, beloved biker priest          Fr. Michael Collins #1
Sister Margaret Mary, Principal
updated 12 July 2013
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Thanks to Jayne Quinn,
Tina Marocco
& Michelle Moutes
for the names!
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Grade 1
Sister Mary Columbanus
Grade 2
Sister Mary Cyrene
Grade 3
Sister Joseph Perpetua
Grade 4
Mrs. Kozberg
Grade 5
Sister Marie Margaret
Grade 6
Sister Margaret Ursula & Sister Columba
Grade 7
Mrs. Sheppard
Grade 8
Mother Margaret Mary & Miss Doyle
Mother Margaret Mary