St. Bridget of Sweden Class of 1977

St. Bridget of Sweden, Class of 1977
Eighth Grade Students

Top Row

Laurie Brennan Bret Magpiong   Rev. Young Sister Marie Mr. Pawlak   Kevin Montagna Mike Graves

Row 2

Carlos De Necochea
  Dalet Brady       Mary Ziegler   Alfred Lopez
Row 3
Leslie Wiktorski
Mary Ann Parsons Edward Currie Lizette Rodriguez Scott Kozberg Connie Pittman Tim Hendershott Maureen Williams Shannon Soehnel
Row 4
Mark Spehar
  Michele Patrizio Gino D'Amato Mimi Howard Richard Keenan Loreen Geneth   Jim Griley
Bottom Row
Greg Dahl
Dave Velas Tish Sarecky Nora McNair David Valdez Leo Ramos Laura Moutes Michael Kalinowski Diane Hansen

8th Grade Student Grads - names alphabetically:
Dalet Brady Diane Hansen Nora McNair Therese Sarecky
Laurie Brennan Tim Hendershott Kevin Montagna Shannan Soehnel
Edward Currie Amelia Howard Laura Moutes Mark Spehar
Greg Dahl Michael Kalinowski Maryann Parsons Dave Valdez
Gennarino D'Amato Richard Keenen Michele Patrizio David Velas
Carlos De Necochea Scott Kozberg Connie Pittman Leslie Wiktorski
Loreen Geneth Alfred Lopez Leo Ramos Maureen Williams
Mike Graves Bret Magpiong Lizette Rodriguez Mary Ziegler
Jim Griley  
Thanks to Dalet Brady for remembering all the grads!
Four Savage sisters, 2008:
Sandy '64, Linette '66, Jo Anne '75 & Kathy Savage: would have been 1977, Shauna (Jo Anne's step daughter)
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21 June 2009