Bill Spadaro
Christine Whitmore
Monty Richardson
Kathleen Hanna
Mother Mary Catherine
Leanne Horwath
Steve Flaherty
Suzanne Moore
Jerre Reimers
Kim Saup

Clint Erickson #1

Mike Cavanaugh
Roger Bart
Maureen Macrorie
Jim Richardson #1
Patty Lages
Jim Hise
Jaime Fernandez #1
John Magyor #1
Cheryl de Donato
Jim Madsen #1
Debbie Hume
Gary Bacigalup
Bonita Scarpace
Catherine Paez
Jerry Kearns
Patricia Kenny
Clint Erickson #2
Christine Koenig
Jim Madsen #2
Peggy Whitehead
Mark Mochon
Linda Gough
Gina Strong
Michele Swan
John Magyor #2
Cynthia Ferguson
Dave Hallbauer
Mary Ann Kerze
Sharon Bowman
Donna Phipps
Glen Walder
Linda Pixley
Jaime Fernandez #2
Mary Ellen Whittemore
Bob Stukey
Margaret Norris
Mike Spehar
Rosemary Oldrate
Catherine Farquhar
Debbie Davis
Jim Richardson #2
Mary Ann Berg
Howard Matt
Sandra Savage
Jim Carter
Monica Hodapp
Tim Fives
Colleen Campbell
Dennis Shannon
Linda Lewis

Please contact Derrick Garbell if you have photos, additions, or corrections
Class of 1964 Second Grade 1958
Class of 1964 Third Grade 1959 Miss Manning Class of 1964 Fourth Grade 1960, Sister Mary Germaine
Grad Day: boys cap & gown

Sports teams: several photos

Reunion photos of twelve '64 Classmates
at Catherine Farquhar's home, March 2006
1960 Hawks: featuring
Jerry Kearns, Jack Toggenberger & Mike Cavanaugh
1959 baseball team 1962 B Basketball
including Bill Spadaro, Mike Cavanaugh, Dennis Shannon, Jerry Kearns
1958 (?) Boy Scouts Den 2 Pack 4011, including:
Mr. Gerald Collins, Mr.Al Santos, Bill Cerny, Steve Capretta, Dennis Flaherty, Michael Carter, Kenneth Digough, Jaime Fernandez
1963 Champion Volleyball team 1964 Graduation Day
Debbie Davis, President
& Jaime Fernandez, VP
6641 De Celis Place:
childhood residence
of the
Savage family
Sandy Savage Chapman
& husband Wayne
Four Savage sisters, 2008

Sandy '64, Linette '66, Jo Anne '75 & Kathy '77, Shauna (Jo Anne's step daughter)
Mother John Fisher
in England, 2002;
taught this class 2nd grade
some '64 Classmates at St. Bridget's "Classes of the '60's" Reunion, May, 2002 '64 Classmates at St. Bridget's 25 yr Reunion 1983
Jim Carter
2 daughters
Jim Hise, Mary Ann Hise & Russ M. Confirmation day 8 March 1964
Cathy Farquhar, Jaime Fernandez & Sandy Savage, January, 2009
Jamie Fernandez, wife, son & friends, 2009
Attended Grades 2-5 only: James Beck thanks for the 4th grade class photo
26 July 2015
Thanks to
Jerry Kearns

for many photos
Also to:
Jaime Fernandez
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