St. Bridget of Sweden
Graduating Class of 1965 Memorabilia
Students Enrolled 1957-1965

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Photos from the Classes of the '60's Reunion

May 18, 2002 at the St. Bridget of Sweden Parish Hall

Annual Class & Holy Communion Photos of Students
First Enrolled in 1957 & Graduating in 1965:
School Year, Grade & Photo Teachers
1957-58 First Grade, Room 1 Sister Teresa Lourdes (deceased) &
Sister John Fisher   (deceased) (Mother John Fisher in England, 2002)
1957-58 First Grade, Room 2 Miss Ann Freiburg
1958-59 Second Grade, Room 2 Sister Margaret Ursula    e-mail Derrick for phone*
1958-59 Second Grade, Room 3 Sister Marie Clare (deceased)
1959 Holy Communion-boys May 10, 1959   Holy Communion remembrance #1
1959 Holy Communion-girls May 10, 1959   Holy Communion remembrance #2
1959-60 Third Grade, Room 3 Miss Anna Manning (deceased)
1959-60 Third Grade, Room 4 Sister Marie Clare (deceased)
1960-61 Fourth Grade, Room 4 Sister Peter Xavier e-mail Derrick for phone*
1960-61 Fourth Grade, Room 5 Sister Mary Germaine (in Ireland please e-mail Derrick for address)
1961-62 Fifth Grade, Room 5 Sister Mary Germaine (in Ireland please e-mail Derrick for address)
1962-63 Sixth Grade, Room 6 Sister Peter Xavier e-mail Derrick for phone*
1963-64 Seventh Grade, Room 7 Sister Margaret Ursula   e-mail Derrick for phone*
1964-65 Eighth Grade, Room 8 Mother Mary Catherine  (deceased)

Name highlighted
photo / web   Name highlighted
photo / web
Jane Arrigo e-mail Derrick for phone*      SB Pals      
bus w/Jack Klosterman
  Brian Martinez basketball  1969 League prelims 1 mi
 '69 State Track prelims 1 mi   1988  gym1  gym2   Xmas07
Gary Barbato     Joan Maschmeier  
Terry Brash e-mail Derrick for phone*   Anne McCue photo1
w/Cindy, Paulette, Marilyn, Anne & nuns
Nancy Brennan     Byrne Miller Byrne's Page    altar boy  baseball
Tina Capretta     Billy Miller center of photo
Sheila Carter photo (located)   Patty Miller  
Margaret Cavanaugh     Russell Muntifering Mrs.M   confirmation day
Kevin Cox basketball   Terry Murdock w/Terry Malouf  1  2          
w/Debbie Macrorie
Ron Dulco w/friend Danielle   Office
Shooting 1 & 2
w/Pam Jones    wife Salli
  Paul Napoleone '01 photo   basketball    wedding Julie family
Sammy, Julie Paul, Sarah
Linda Erickson phone: 805-582-1889  

Paulette Napoleone

Paulette's Page
Kevin Fairchild Mrs. Fairchild
Derrick's 11th BD   #2
  Michael Norris family 2008
Russ Fallon e-mail Derrick for phone*   Beth Oberdick  
Nancy Fitzgerald School of the Seasons web   Marilyn Olson with Cindy, Paulette, Anne & nuns  
    recent with husband
Marie Fontaine     Kathleen Patrick Kathleen's Page
Gregory Scot Forrest
  Billy Poltl basketball  w/Kathleen Patrick, Nov'01
SB pals       with Jack K. forest
Tommy Gardner located; photo 1   2   Cindy Preimesberger w/Paulette, Marilyn, Anne & nuns
Bob Griner     Karen Roshay Thompson family 2001
Michael Hanley     Pamela Rohr Pam & daughter
Mary Ann Hise confirmation w/Jim & Russ M.   Michael Rubida daughter Shelby   Stratocaster  SB pals
Dean Hospodar w/daughter   w/Jack K.   SB pals
phone: 818-889-4641
  Francis Bert Savage presumed deceased < e-mail is to sister "Sandy"
Pam Jones Pam's Page   John Stege photos: 1  not a geek   3  4  5       Sparkletones
Notre Dame golfers   swatting Swen
Notre Dame 40th reunion1  2    3
John Klosterman photo1   photo2    Jack's website
with the girls  Notre Dame golfers
half-dome    Marsha Miller
      Notre Dame 40th reunion1  2    3
  Bobby Strong recent photos 1  2  3
Paul Koenig Paul 1   2   Mr. Koenig    friends1   friends2   Bill Tanner    photo with John Stege
Mike Lambert     Beverly Vasquez  
Tim Lewis     Janet White husband Ken  HS Grad  sisters  4   5     remembering kites
Marcia Littlefield photo1     photo2
e-mail Derrick for phone*
  Margaret Peggy White  
Gary Lynch recent shot   wife Linda  Linda#2
             baseball 2nd photo    Gary & 3 sisters 2007
  Steve Whitmore basketball photo  recent shot  
Notre Dame golfers
Debbie Macrorie photos  1  2  3
restaurant web         with Terry Malouf  Sp09
  Stephanie Yeno Stephanie's Page
Terry Malouf Terry Malouf web page   Rosanne Zabiegalski located
*phone numbers will be divulged after confirmation with recipient

Other '57-'65 Classmates
(just didn't attend 8th grade)
photo / web
Tommy Baker 5-7 at Derrick's 11th BD   #2
Danny Baldeski 1-2  
Mark Barnhardt 2  
Louis Bradley 1-4 with Poltl, Rubida, Hospodar & Arrigo
James Brown 0-7 getting down with his bad self
Patricia Bullard 3  
Marie Carland 1-4 Paulette, Marcia L., Marie
   Marie with sister Patty '57
Debra Davis 1-2  
Larry Dunlap 5-7  
Derrick Garbell 1-7 family photo   altar boy     The Coast
     Garbell Home Page
Robert Grigg 1-4 located
John Kearns 1-2 = '65 3-8 w/Class of '66)
Kathleen Kuhn or Kathleen Kunner ? 1-4  
Linda Lang 1-3  
David Lowell 3  
Debra Morris 1-2  
Madelene Neill 1-7 photo 1  2  3   4
Terrance Olive 2-5  
Kevin Patrick (Class of '63) - Class of '63
Gregory Pearson 1-5  
John Remi Plamondon 2 obituary
Rene Pougee 2-3  
Craig Roffman 1  
Norman Rochon (deceased) 2-8* *but 3-8 w/Class of '66)
Kenneth Sanchez 1-3  
Alecia Schendel 1-2  
Joseph Sellers 1-4  
Richard Silva 4  
Marla Thomas


photo=2d from left
Brian Thompson 5  
Ann Toggenberger 1-3  
Tim Whittemore 1- 7 located
Rick Youra 2-3 family

Valley & fun remembrances '60's - '70's
Winking in the Wake of KHJ
The Coast
Go to Helms
Topanga Plaza
Sports & Other Photos

7 various sports photos

Mr Koenig & Mr Napoleone  

B-Basketball Champions St. Francis De Sales tournament 1963        Tourney patch -Knights of Columbus on Byrne's shirt
Back Row: Steven Baker, Matt Cavanaugh, Paul Napoleon, Brian Martinez, John Kearns
Middle Row
: Scot Forrest, Kevin Cox, Coach Koenig, John Stege, Bill Poltl
Front Row: Byrne Miller, Russ Fallon, Steve Whitmore, Father McGoldrick, Father ? from St. Francis, Jim Sullivan, Tom Gardner, Paul Koenig, Mark Koenig

1963 Champion Volleyball Team (classes of '64 & '65)
Vintage Brownies & Moms
in the Guest House:
Michelle Swan, Kathleen Patrick,.Marcia Littlefield, Molly Cavanaugh, Madelene Neill, Nancy Brennan & Alecia Schendel
more Vintage Brownies at Camp Hollywoodland:
Row 1: Mrs. Swan, Kathleen, Marcia L., Michelle Swan, Linda Lang, Mrs. Patrick
Row 2: Debbie Hibarger, Nancy Fitzgerald, Cindy Preimesberger, Karen Rosahy, Marla Thomas, Nancy Brennan, Ann McCue & Rene Pougee
< < < Worth it to see the "Great Byrne Miller's" humble (?) signature
ST Bridget Church Choir Stairs
Stairs to choir loft
(click to enlarge)
"Gloria in Excelis Deo"

Scot Forrest
Memorial Service
January 5, 2002

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